NVHS guys find out about situations of others’ need 

EVERSON ­— Short-staffed this summer because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Nooksack Valley Food Bank was looking for volunteers so it could continue to serve the community. 

Some Nooksack Valley High School football players answered the call and spent their summer learning more about not only the food bank, but also the area they live in.

Freshman Kasey Newton said the volunteering experience gave him a better perspective on his own life. 

“I felt like it would be good to help out with the community and people who aren’t as fortunate as me,” Newton said. “I just felt like helping out might make me realize I need to be more grateful sometimes and that I do have a lot and some people don’t have as much as me.”

Newton volunteered for about seven weeks in the summer and now, with school in session remotely, he still goes to help out every now and then.

Overall, he said, he just wanted to help people.

“It’s good to be a blessing to people,” Newton said. “The people at the food bank need help because there’s a lot of stuff [to do] there and I just wanted to help them and do whatever they told me to. I wanted to help out as much as I can and just be a blessing.”

Having the football season on hold until spring also gave players plenty of extra hours to fill. 

Nooksack Valley head coach Craig Bartl encouraged his players to help out the food bank and give back to their community during the unexpected free time they had this summer.

Senior Jeff Boykin said both his mom and Bartl recommended he spend some of his time helping out those in need. 

He started volunteering at the beginning of August and still spends a couple of days a week there. 

“It’s fun and gives me something to do in the afternoons, so I’m not just sitting around and doing nothing,” Boykin said. “I can go and give back.”

Boykin said he has learned that everyone has a different story that’s led them to where they are and he saw just how many people in the community are in need. 

The Nooksack Valley Food Bank serves more than 150 families every week with distribution from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursdays. It operates in about the same territory as the Nooksack Valley School District.

With football practices now slated to start in February for a season in the spring, Boykin said he has stayed busy working. The team can’t officially practice together, but some of the players have gotten together to throw a ball and run routes.