Eric Trent

Eric Trent

A former 2B prep performer, 50 pounds later, takes on best NWC can offer

WHATCOM — After 10 months now as sports reporter for the Lynden Tribune, I’ve covered nine high schools, multiple state championships and dozens of teams each season — 59 squads to keep track of last spring alone.

It’s allowed me a first-hand glimpse at just how dominant high school athletes are in this area, and it makes me wonder just how I would fare against these elite competitors. 

So I’m challenging the top athletes in the county, in their respective sports, to see what the outcome would be, and try not to embarrass myself in the process.

I competed in baseball, wrestling, basketball and track and field in high school, lettering in wrestling and track, and was a state alternate in the 4x400 relay for South Bend High School down in Pacific County.

As you can guess, I was not very dominant, especially for being in a Class 2B school. Now I’m an out-of-shape 33-year-old sports writer who plays in a few rec-league softball tourneys a year and is 50 pounds heavier now than when I graduated high school.

I should have no problem keeping up with college-bound prep athletes from around the county, right? Right...? 

So far, six athletes who are returning to Northwest Conference action have accepted my challenge. I will be facing off against one per week for this summer series, with someone doing video and someone else shooting photos. The challenges, in no particular order, include:

  • duel Lynden boys golf state champion Jordan Medcalf in a nine-round of golf.
  • try to cover Lynden Christian wide receiver Jackson Corkill with Trajan Schouten at quarterback.
  • take on Lynden first-team all-state guard Keylie Hershey in a 3-point contest.
  • try to get a hit against Nooksack Valley’s second-team all-Northwest Conference softball pitcher Jordyn Relethford.
  • try to get a hit against Sehome’s Jacob Kaepernick, the NWC’s baseball Pitcher of the Year.
  • try to score a penalty kick against Meridian’s Sullivan Klyn, the first-team all-NWC goalkeeper.

It’s not looking good for me, I know. If you are a Whatcom County high school athlete and would like to challenge me in your sport, email me at I’ll take on any challengers, no matter how badly you intend to embarrass me.

Eric Trent covers sports for the Lynden Tribune.