New state law sets rules for details to be given each Oct. 1, starting 2021 

  WHATCOM ­— A new law sets protocol for reporting concussions in public school athletics, and it will be implemented next school year. House Bill 2731 was signed by Gov. Jay Inslee April 3.

  Under the legislation, public schools must annually report details of every diagnosed concussion that happens in their sports programs. 

  Basic information that must be reported are: the student’s grade and gender, the date and location of the concussion, and whether that student has had a previous concussion.

  Also, the type and level of the student’s activity must be reported in these respects: 

  • whether it was in practice or competition.

  • any known cause of the concussion

  • when the concussion occurred during the activity.

  • whether or not protective equipment was used.

  • the type of surface the event occurred on.

  • who initially examined the student.

  • whether or not the student was removed at the time of the event

  • Any follow-up information related to whether or not the student received written authorization to return to activity and the amount of time before the student was authorized to return to the learning environment

  Schools must also disclose rates, patterns, trends and other relevant information.

  Schools must develop a procedure and designate a department to collect the required information.

  The annual reporting date will be Oct. 1, starting 2021. The report will be submitted to committees of the state Legislature and to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

  This law was passed unanimously by each chamber of the Legislature.