Junior receiver Cole Moorlag hauls in a 3-yard touchdown pass from Trajan Schouten late in the first half of the Lyncs' 56-7 win over Cedar Park Christian. (Hailey Palmer/Lynden Tribune)

Lyncs execute in all three phases in rout of Cedar Park Christian

LYNDEN — The unsung hero of Lynden Christian football’s district matchup against Cedar Park Christian of Bothell was the Lyncs’ scout team offense during practice heading into the game. 

Lynden Christian coach Dan Kaemingk and junior receiver Cole Moorlag both credited the scout team offense in preparing the Lyncs leading up to their 56-7 blowout of the Eagles Friday night. 

Kaemingk said Cedar Park Christian does a lot of shifting and moving on offense before the snap, which is similar to the type of offense Mount Baker runs. 

“Our younger guys and scout team coach did a really good job of showing us all of those looks and did a fabulous job of it, so I give them a lot of credit,” Kaemingk said. “For them to get the reward of getting to play tonight it’s like a great program game because all those guys get to play. They helped us be ready.”

The Lyncs defense forced a three-and-out on Cedar Park Christian’s first drive and it set the tone for the rest of the game. 

Quarterback Trajan Schouten found senior Bryce Bouwman in the red zone for a 17-yard score to get the Lyncs on the board first. It was all Lynden Christian after that. 

Running back David Bootsma was the next Lync to find the end zone on a six-yard run to push the lead to 14-0 in the first quarter. 


Junior running back David Bootsma runs up field for a 47-yard touchdown on a screen pass from Trajan Schouten. (Hailey Palmer/Lynden Tribune)

Easton Stremler and Moorlag played add-on for the Lyncs on a three-yard run and three-yard reception to put Lynden Christian up 28-0 before the Lyncs defense gave up a first down in the game. 

“Our coaches made a really good game plan,” Moorlag said. “Our scout offense was magnificent this week and they gave us a really good look and our defense executed today. Coaches just told us to keep the gas pedal on and we wanted to give other guys chances like our second team so that was our motivation [to keep scoring].”

The Lyncs added another touchdown before the half on a 47-yard catch and score from Schouten to Bootsma on a screen pass to lead 35-0 at the break. 

Kaemingk said the Lyncs offense has been on a roll lately and that didn’t stop in the second half. 

Lynden Christian received the ball to start the second half and it wasn’t long before Schouten found Jackson Corkill for a 41-yard touchdown to extend the lead to 42-0 which brought out the running clock for the rest of the game. 


The Lynden Christian defense bottles up a Cedar Park Christian ball carrier late in the game. (Hailey Palmer/Lynden Tribune)

Kaemingk said the Lyncs were able to run one defense the entire night because they were executing on almost every single down. 

“[We] played an extra linebacker on them and had Easton Stremler on one side and Logan Dykstra on the other and they did not move,” he said. “They just knew where they had to be. It just comes down to reading what you need to see, because with that type of offense there’s just movement all over so you just have to really be disciplined about what you do.”

The Lyncs tacked on two more touchdowns to cap off the offensive explosion and led 56-0 with most of the starters playing only a series or two in the second half. 

Cedar Park Christian got on the board near the end of the game to snap the shutout, but the 56-7 victory would go to Lynden Christian. 

“This was a huge win. We played a great opponent in Cedar Park, [we have] a lot of respect for them,” Moorlag said. “It was just really fun and hopefully we can keep it rolling and go get some more dubs.”

Lynden Christian advances to the state tournament with the win, and after making a run at the title last year, the team is eager to be back in the hunt. 

“Last year, to make the deep run and to get back in it, we’re just really proud of the kids and that they got there,” Kaemingk said. “We’re excited for the opportunity because who knows how long we get to play, but we know we get to play one more week and we’re excited about that.”