Kyle Coston trains players from the Lynden Christian girls basketball team on Monday night. (Hailey Palmer/Lynden Tribune)

Lynden athletes have another training facility

LYNDEN — After a few months of negotiations, HoopStar Basketball now has a facility to work in. It is located behind the New Life Fellowship church on East Pole Road. 

Kyle Coston, owner of HoopStar and a 2006 graduate of Lynden Christian High School, said the church has wanted to have a community use for its facility, which has been empty for years.

Coston is currently rebranding what HoopStar is. What used to be only elite training for individuals and teams is becoming something more based in Coston’s faith. 

“I’m rebranding HoopStar as a Christian-based ministry,” he said. “It’s just going to be more filled with my faith and how I teach the truths and character of biblical principles. It was just a great partnership. [The church] was like ‘Hey, let’s make this happen.’”

Since early 2017, Coston has been traveling around to different schools in the area for training without having a permanent home space. The opportunity with New Life Fellowship and being able to give back to the community was one he couldn’t pass up. 

“I’m trying to give back to the roots and what gave me a platform through Lynden Christian and Lynden as a community,” Coston said. “Now, I’m coming back after all these years. It’s kind of full circle and it’s really fun.” 

Coston said a lot of fun things are in store for HoopStar and its rebranding. One of them is putting in shooting lanes. It’ll be similar to batting cages with cargo nets, and athletes can come in, rent out a lane and get shots up. 

A full hardwood court is coming, along with some fresh coats of paint to go with the new look and feel of what HoopStar is. Colors, logos and gear are all being changed. 

“That’s exciting as well,” Coston said. “Making a reboot or fresh start on something that has been in the community for over 10 years. That’s been really fun and to have it nearby where I grew up.” 

Lynden is a basketball town and that’s something Coston said he’s excited to start working with. 

Coston is already working with coach Brady Bomber and the Lynden Christian girls basketball team for preseason training. The atmosphere surrounding basketball in Lynden has Coston excited for what’s to come. 

“Lynden has parents and grandparents that have been successful in basketball and love basketball,” he said. “They teach basketball at a young age and it’s just instilled this hunger for the athletes of Lynden. They know what culture is and they live it out day to day. That’s awesome to have and to have a facility where they’re hungry to learn and get better.” 

Coston said athletes in Lynden bring a different mindset when it comes to training. He said they don’t really aspire to be college or NBA players. They want to be the best in Lynden and it’s something he can’t wait to tap into more and give them a space to go after those goals. 

Bringing HoopStar from Bellingham to Lynden wasn’t only a way for the ex-Lyncs player to give back to the community he grew up in, but it was also an opportunity to coach the best athletes in the county, he said. 

Tournaments, 3-on-3 leagues and development leagues are all on the way for HoopStar, now that Coston has a big enough space for new activities. Those interested in training or lessons should email Coston at info@hoopstar.org.