Colony Furniture

Colony House Furniture has been offering Lynden residents a local option for buying furniture since 1977 — a very long time to stay in continuous business, independent and homegrown.

Owner Gary Bode, who also happens to be Lynden mayor pro tem, said he aims to have a variety of product in his store at various price points to fit the needs of anyone who walks through the doors. The store just took on the signature line of Ashley Furniture and will be offering those brand products at a value price. 

“We just put a whole gallery downstairs of lots of pieces,” Bode said. “It’s all value priced. It’s a new addition to what we’ve been doing, which is really working well. The prices are just so good that we couldn’t help but do it.”

The store offers custom furniture for those with higher budgets, but also has plenty of options for those who don’t want to spend the amount for a custom piece. 

  olony House Furniture has been at its current address downtown since 2014. The new expanded location for the store gave Bode and his employees more space for product display to bring in new customers. 

Having options to fit everyone’s budget is something Bode takes seriously, and with pride.

“We’re trying to have a large enough assortment and prices to fit everybody’s budget,” Bode said. “Some people want to buy more custom and some can’t afford it. This new gallery is going to be really good for young, married or single people — people with young families who need furniture. Their budget isn’t as high as somebody who is retired, so we want to have the price ranges for everybody. We have 20-year-olds to 85-year-olds.”

The company’s employees also offer advice and will help you find what you’re looking for to fit the design of your home without charging an extra fee. 

The new Ashley Furniture gallery won’t carry the option for buyers to customize, but Bode said the prices couldn’t be better than they are.

“Finding furniture that people want at the price they need to pay,” he said, summarizing the Colony House objective. “We do lots of North American custom furniture where you get to choose your style, fabric and colors. We’ve been doing that for years and the new gallery won’t be custom, but the prices are half what the custom is. A sofa that would be $995 or $1,195, we’ve got them down there for $599 and they’re really good.”