Delay of three weeks was caused by extra repairs

LYNDEN — The Lynden YMCA pool is undergoing the final part of its repairs this week and should reopen next week after a three-week delay. The original reopening date of the pool was Aug. 4. It was closed in early July. 

Public Works Director Steve Banham said Anderson Poolworks completed the plastering in the pool last Thursday, Aug. 15, and the pool was refilled on Friday. 

“The plastering took longer than estimated because of a couple of additional repairs that came up during demolition,” Banham said. “The main expansion joint needs to be replaced and also the lane hooks need to be replaced with new ones.”

Banham said the contractor also had some equipment problems while working on another job, which delayed mobilizing the plaster crew for the pool. 

Anderson Poolworks, of Wilsonville, Oregon, is commissioning the pool this week to allow the plaster time to cure and ensure the water chemistry is correct. Banham said that work will be done on Friday, Aug. 23. 

“It is my understanding that the YMCA is planning to formally reopen the pool to patrons on Aug. 26,” Banham said.