Economic recovery from pandemic is her top priority

  WHATCOM — Luanne Van Werven officially filed to run for reelection May 11 as state representative, saying more needs to be done to protect jobs and working families now.

  “Whatcom County has been hit harder than any place in the state,” said Van Werven. “With the layoffs at Cherry Point and the shutdown of the economy by the governor, we have thousands of families suffering.”

  Van Werven said her top priority is to get the local economy moving again.

  “There is no such thing as a non-essential worker,” said Van Werven. “These labels are dehumanizing. Your job is essential if it provides for the basic human needs of you and your family.”

  A month ago, Van Werven released an eight-point plan for safely reopening the economy in a way she believes protects jobs while also ensuring the health and safety of the public,

  “We have to do more to protect seniors,” said Van Werven, “especially those who are in long-term care facilities and have underlying health issues. We’ve ignored this for too long.”

  Van Werven said her two terms of experience in Olympia will serve constituents well in the 2021-22 legislative session as the state struggles to fill a several-billion-dollar hole in the budget.

  “We are going to have to make tough choices with the budget,” said Van Werven. “I am committed to protecting our Whatcom priorities of jobs, public safety, schools and our at-risk seniors. And we can do it without taxing the small businesses hit hard by the current recession.”