CHCC, Lynden Manor and Meadow Greens have now all received it 

  LYNDEN ­— Staff and residents of the Christian Health Care Center participated in a first round of COVID-19 vaccinations in Lynden on Jan. 6, with two more opportunities to come spaced three weeks apart.

  CHCC administrator Tonja Myers said she is proud that 90% of residents and almost 70% of staff agreed to take the Pfizer vaccine, with shots administered by Walgreens pharmacy.

  Additional staff and residents can opt in at the next vaccination clinic, she said. The spacing for a second Pfizer booster shot is three weeks, so Jan. 27 and Feb. 17 will be used for that purpose too.

  CHCC sought to do enough advance education about the vaccine to win confidence for taking it, Myers said. Sometimes a responsible party is acting on behalf of a resident.

  “For those who chose vaccination, it was a day of excitement and hope,” the center posted on Jan. 7. “It was seen as a critical step they could take to protect our residents, the care team here at CHCC and others in our community.”

  Among those receiving the vaccine were Myers, chief executive officer Patrick O’Neill, and the directors of nursing and environmental services.

  They took the step to help CHCC overcome the  virus and get back to normal interaction for the first time since last March. “We believe vaccination is the next step in the process, and we are proud of these health care pros who lead by example.”

  The center continues to be completely free of the coronavirus among residents dating back to the start of the pandemic 10 months ago.

  At Meadow Greens retirement center of Lynden, administrator Josh Howell said the Moderna vaccine was available to residents and staff on Jan. 7, administered by Hoagland Pharmacy.

  He said that more than 90 percent of all residents and staff participated. 

  The Moderna vaccine has a four-week skip to the booster shot, so the next opportunity there is Feb. 4.

  Lynden Manor, congregate-care facility adjoining CHCC, also had the Pfizer vaccine administered there by Walgreens last week.