LMS ballfields

Industries adjoin the old Lynden Middle School sports grounds, which are now also zoned industrial.

District is seeing if access can be allowed from Main Street

LYNDEN ­— The Lynden School District has received two offers on the one-time ballfields located behind the former Lynden Middle School at 516 Main St., after the land was declared surplus in August. 

The district said then it would accept offers on the property through Sept. 30.

Superintendent Jim Frey says the district is currently moving forward on one of the offers received.

“We’re talking with one of the organizations that made an offer to determine whether or not we can accommodate the need to access that property from Main Street as opposed to another location,” Frey said. 

The 7.76-acre property was surplused by the school district in anticipation of selling it. The acreage ­— which was given industrial zoning by the Planning Commission last fall — has been appraised at $1.18 million.

The district decided to sell the property because it doesn’t anymore serve an educational purpose for the district. Lynden Middle School is in its second year of being on a new campus on Line Road.

Remaining buildings at 516 Main St., called Main Street Campus, are being repurposed by the district. Money acquired from selling the land will go toward improvements to the campus for preschool classrooms, ofices and district services. The Lynden School Board now also meets there.