Corps started work Monday at Hannegan, Ferndale and Sande-Williams

SEATTLE — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began repairing three Nooksack River levees on Monday, June 17.

The Ferndale, Hannegan and Sande-Williams levees were damaged in November 2017 flooding and the Sande-Williams levee was damaged again in November 2018.

The Seattle District of the Army Corps of Engineers, in cooperation with the City of Ferndale, Whatcom County and Deming Diking District #2, will restore the level of flood protection existing prior to these damaging floods.

The Ferndale levee is located just south of Main Street between Star Park and the river water intake building serving the city. The Hannegan levee is located along the left bank of the Nooksack River in Lynden, while the Sande-Williams levee is located on the right bank of the river just downstream of Deming. 

The projects will cost the Corps of Engineers  $106,300 for Ferndale, $480,300 for Hannegan, and $312,200 for Sande-Williams. The other partners also contribute funds.

The projects are scheduled to be completed by Aug. 2. Construction is occurring within the “fish window” when crews can work in the water with the least amount of disruption to fish.

Whatcom County 2018 paperwork on the projects elaborates that the Hannegan rehabilitation will be repair of levee slope and riprap protection along about 300 feet of stream, Ferndale will be reconstruction and realignment to improve level of protection and address deficiencies, and Sande-Williams will be to repair slope and riprap protection along about 680 feet of levee.