People enjoy the first test of a “splashpark” along Glenning Street created by the use of firefighting apparatus. It will be resumed next summer (Courtesy photo/ Mark Wohlrab)

Sprinkler fun pieced together of firefighting hoses, nozzles

LYNDEN ­— About six weeks ago, City Council member and professional firefighter Mark Wohlrab had an idea for fun on Labor Day: a SplashFest on the city’s Glenning Schoolyard property.

He shared the idea and got permission from the city’s Public Safety Committee to make it happen.

And it did on Monday, Sept. 2, with about 400 adults and kids “stopping by to visit, play and splash” from 1 to 4 p.m.

“My goal was twofold: first, to introduce families to the city’s newly acquired property, and secondly, to have a test run with a ‘splash park,’ albeit a portable one,” Wohlrab wrote to the Tribune. “As you’re aware, people have been talking about a splash park/splash pad for quite some time now.”

“I put together three oversized ‘sprinkler manifolds’ using old fire service nozzles, etc. Some of this was surplus parts from the fire department, and some came from my own antique collection.”

The involvement of the Lynden Fire Department made it a good public relations opportunity as well, he said. “They set up a station that allowed kids to spray a hose at a small target, and were instrumental in the setup and takedown of the event.”

At one point, more than 200 people were there present, with beach umbrellas, beach chairs and lots of smiles.

“Because of the success we experienced, I will be working on making this a regular event through the hot-weather summer months, and for future special events,” Wohlrab said.