Resources can help someone with thoughts of harming 

   WHATCOM — As it is a tragedy deeply impacting the community, the county Sheriff’s Office has taken the unusual step of releasing more details from its  investigation of a Sudden Valley double murder/suicide case as it progresses.

  Michele Boudreau Deegan took the lives of her twin 7-year-old daughters before taking her own life, authorities reported Monday, Oct. 26, a day after being called to the scene. It had happened sometime Friday evening in the family home on Sunflower Circle.
  The Sheriff’s Office has ruled out any involvement by Ms. Boudreau Deegan’s estranged husband. His whereabouts during the timeline of the deaths have all been accounted for and he has a strong alibi, according to a press release from the department.
  This is more, verbatim: “Evidence at the scene clearly implicates Michele Boudreau Deegan as the only suspect in the death of her two daughters, after which she subsequently took her own life. A handgun was recovered from the possession of Ms. Boudreau and was consistent with the murder of the children and her own death. Autopsy results confirm this, as well as the fact that the children had been given a large amount of sedatives which probably rendered them incoherent at the time. Evidence from the scene also indicates that Ms. Boudreau planned this event over the course of several days. She clearly stated her suicidal ideations and that she would never leave her daughters alone without her. A court hearing on Oct. 20 where joint custody was awarded to both Ms. Boudreau and her estranged husband appears to have been the precipitating event that led to her decision.”
  Sheriff Bill Elfo reminds people to please reach out for help if you, or another person, are feeling like you want to harm yourself or others.
  Resources available, both locally and online, include:
  • the VOA Care Crisis Line at 1-800-584-3578.
  • texting “TALK” to 741741.
  •the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or
  If a friend or family member expresses suicidal ideations, tell someone! Don’t be silent. You can contact your local 911 or use the numbers listed for the Care Crisis Line and National Suicide Prevention Hotline.