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(Photo courtesy of Arlene Engholm)

Deming Logging Show announces its event winners

WHATCOM — The annual Deming Logging Show, which was begun in 1963 to support injured loggers and their families, took place again this past weekend. It’s a showcase of loggers’ skills. The competition featured 44 events, from chainsaw bucking to speed climbing to choker setting — terms  whose full meaning only loggers may know.

These were judged the 2019 winners:

Engholm 3

(Photo courtesy of Arlene Engholm)



Nick VanBrocklin


All Around Logger

Nick VanBrocklin


Gold Axe

Dave and Shelly DeBruin


Silver Axe

Justin Offredi, Trevor Baisden, Marcy Poortinga, Jodi Compton


President’s Watch

Joan Hammer and Doreen Wiebee


Most Active


Tanner Poortinga


Bronze Axe – 

President’s Special Award

Steve Williamson

Log show

Loggers competed in 44 events at the annual Deming Logging Show on June 8 and 9. (Photo courtesy of Jayson Lambert)


Best Load of Logs

Frank Harkness Trucking & Logging  No. 22. Driver: Randy Hamilton. Loader: Butch Harkness. Logger: Frank Harkness Trucking and Logging

R & B Rathjen Trucking No. 1. Driver: Ryan Rathjen. Loader: Randy Anderson. Logger: Nielsen Bros.

Rob Graham Trucking No. 47. Driver: Chris Husby. Loader: Tony Zender. Logger: Saxon Contracting

Best Load of Logs – Doubles

Rob Graham Trucking No. 41. Driver: Aaron Stacy. Loader: Butch Harkness. Logger: Frank Harkness Trucking and Logging

Axe Throwing

Bryce Blockley 25

Kris DeKriek 24

Chris Hamilton 22 – 12


Cable Splicing

Ryan Lenssen/Erik Anderson 1:36.13

Justin Offredi/Phil Zwick 2:16.03

Nick DeKriek/Lars Robinson 2:58.51


Chain Saw Bucking


Kendal Cain 4.86

Andrew Hodder 5.06

Phil Zwick 5.53

Chain Saw Bucking II


Gage Robinson 5.70

Andy Hodder 5.94

Andy Rolston 6.13


Chain Saw Bucking III 


Harold Lewis 3.37

Andrew Hodder 5.06

John Babbitt 5.37


Choker Setting

Bryce Postlewait 21.55

Tyler Bergstrom 22.00

Jacob White 22.39


Double Bucking

Kendal Cain/Gage Robinson 21.54

Kris DeKriek/Nick VanBrocklin 21.79

Jim Kyle/Jason Henningson 28.72

Engholm 2

(Photo courtesy of Arlene Engholm)


Hand Bucking

Nick VanBrocklin 34.44

Les Kyle 46.29

Ed Williams 55.60


Hot Saws

Nick Taklo/ Bubba Simplot 1.28

David Thompson/John Babbitt 1.47

Tim Brownrigg/Andy Hodder 3.41


Iron Man


Nick VanBrocklin 1:25.65

Clint Stafford 1:56.87

Will Mathews 2:01.75

Les Kyle 2:17.03


Kids Log Rolling

Gunner Rathjen

Breckin Fowler

Zack Richter


Kids Speed Climbing,

30 ft.

Isaac Northington 55.13


Log Rolling

Skylar Isaacson

Carsen Monaghan


Loggers Relay

Strider Construction 1:14.68

3 Rivers Cutting 1:24.38

Team USA 1:26.75

Engholm 4

(Photo courtesy of Arlene Engholm)


Ma and Pa Bucking

Ed Williams/Jerilyn Klix 14.98

Andy Rolston/Melani Keel 22.46

Justin Offredi/Meg Offredi 27.81


Novice Hand Bucking

Jacob White 33.82

Gage Robinson 40.93

Justin Offredi 42.50


Novice Log Rolling

Chris Rathjen

Jordan Hughes


Novice Speed Climb

Brian Binder 25.74

Reed Jonker 37.17


Obstacle Choker Setting

Carsen Monaghan 23.10

Jake Sande 32.94

Bryce Blockley 40.77


Pole Falling

Nick VanBrocklin 52.97

Kris DeKriek 53.33

Les Kyle 56.74


Speed Climbing

Carsen Monaghan 20.31

Travis Bouwman 21.27

Tyler Bergstrom 27.15

Log show 2

A competitor at the 2019 Deming Logging Show works on the speed climbing event up a spar pole. The show features 44 events in which men and women demonstrate their logging skills in front of hundreds of spectators. (Photo courtesy of Jayson Lambert)


Speed Climbing - Championship

Brian Bartow 24.35

Nick Hall 24.44


Standing Block Chop

Nick VanBrocklin 19.57

Les Kyle 29.70

Clint Stafford 32.26


Trailer Backing

Les Kyle 8.58

Chris Husby 9.92

Matt Zender 9.94


Tree Topping

 Travis Bouwman 1:19.61

 Tyler Bergstrom 1:26.84

 Nolan Meece 1:48.97






Wrapper Throwing

Mark Silves 1:27.69

Chris Husby 1:31.38

Les Kyle 1:31.91

Engholm 5

(Photo courtesy of Arlene Engholm)


Show and Shine

Highway Division


Bert Matter


Low Boy Division



Alfie Berg

Dump Truck Division

R Transport



Log Truck Division 2004 and older



Zee Bros #9

Log Truck Division 2005-2014

Rathjen #1

K&D #1

Eastwood #3

Log Truck Division 2015-Newer

Harkness #22

Mt. View #12

RGTI #44

Antique Division

Milky Way

Jerry Hammer

Steve Cowden

Show Truck


Terry Bosman


Best in Show

LeBeau Bros.