Riverview net cutting

The varied partners in making Riverview Road a reality stand on its completed surface Thursday. The road opens next week. (Courtesy photo)

Connector of Hannegan to Sixth also opens up area to development

LYNDEN ­— The new route below downtown, Riverview Road, will truly open to traffic sometime next week, after a ceremonial ribbon-cutting for its completion was held last week.

Some final work, including construction of sidewalks, is still being done, say city officials.

Riverview connects Hannegan Road to South Seventh Street, as a bypass that also opens up the back side of the downtown area to potential development.

The city calls it a “gap elimination project,” as a   short stub of Riverview had existed for years to serve the River House senior apartments off Hannegan, and then a new water treatment plant for the city was built at the Sixth Street end two years ago.

Also included was construction of 925 linear feet of 12-inch diameter water main and stormwater improvements, Mayor Scott Korthuis said.

The work began last August and will come in under budget, he said.

It is also tied in with another city public works project, which is to reroute the pipeline that Carries “cow water” condensate from the Lynden Darigold milk drying plant to a new outfall point further upstream on the Nooksack River. Connections are under Riverview Road.

That 700-foot pipe project may take until early 2020 to complete, said City Manager Mike Martin.

As a group gathered on Riverview’s new asphalt paving last Thursday,  Korthuis extended thanks to various partners who made it possible:

  • the 42nd District’s state legislators, including former Rep. Vincent Buys, for securing $1.9 million in funding.
  • key people in the state Transportation department and Whatcom Council of Governments.
  • Neighboring property owners Blake and Jody Starkenburg and Brian Davidson for donating needed right-of-way.
  • Reichhardt & Ebe as engineers and Len Honcoop Gravel as the general contractor.