Tonya Hickman

Tonya Hickman

  Profession: Nurse

  Years in Washington: 43

  Experience as a volunteer/public servant: Healing Hearts Ministry. Three years as volunteer EMT/Firefighter for the City of Lynden. Previously served as North County Alliance Soccer Club co-registrar.

  Question 1: Why do you want to be on the Lynden School Board? Are there any specific issues that caused you to seek this office?

  Tonya Hickman: My desire is to protect youth from the progressive agenda to overtly sexualize youth by the progressive ideology that is infiltrating the public education system. In addition I will support what schools were designed to do ... educate kids and create dialogue that promotes freedom of thought and critical thinking skills. 

  Question 2: What do you most like about the Lynden School Board, and Lynden School District in general? 

  Hickman: The school board, from my understanding, have maintained a good working relationship with the teachers union. The school board, the superintendent and assistant superintendent have been open to communication and addressing the individual concerns of parents during COVID-19. We are fortunate to have administrators who take the time to listen and be transparent.

  Question 3: If elected, what would you most like to see changed at the Lynden School District?

  Hickman: With the National Education Association serving as a super PAC to the Democratic Party, I want to ensure conservation of the traditional values that make our district a safe place to educate our youth. 

  I will not waiver to the progressive agenda and will be a voice for parents in the community. I will deliberately promote direct parent involvement in issues facing our district as well as encourage attendance at school board meetings.

  Question 4: If elected, what do you believe would be your greatest responsibility to the Lynden School District’s students and their families, as well as the district’s teachers, administrators and other employees?

  Hickman: My greatest responsibility is to adhere to the mission statement of the Lynden School District, with the sole agenda of creating an environment that allows every child the opportunity to succeed. 

  To return back to the basics of what the education system was designed to do, educate youth and promote open discourse without fear of reprisal.

  I want teachers to feel supported teaching the subjects they care about without feeling micromanaged.

  Question 5: What would be your greatest responsibility to Lynden School District taxpayers?

      Hickman: Make sure taxpayer hard-earned money is going towards education and meeting the individual needs to help their child succeed in learning core fundamentals and develop critical thinking skills to ensure better chances for successful career outcomes and/or continuing education. To make sure parents keep their right to raise their kids in a way that represents their values.

      Question 6: What do believe are the most important issues facing Lynden School District stakeholders and how would you deal with those concerns?

      Hickman: Public education is part of the support system as far as education goes, but parents, family, friends are the sole proprietor in nurturing the development and success of a child. My goal is to keep government out of the role of parenting our children. My aim would be to be a part of the curriculum vetting committee and work alongside teachers, administrators and support staff in any way necessary to promote best practices as it pertains to education. 

      Question 7: How do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic has affected meeting the needs of the Lynden School District? What would you like to see different at Lynden Schools in 2021-2022?

      Hickman: The full weight of COVID-19 implications on mental health among teens have yet to be fully understood. Going forward, I would like counselors to be available to meet the needs of struggling kids and help them find resources and spend less time taking on clerical duties. COVID-19 disrupted and created disincentive for kids to learn. For kids who already struggle academically it disadvantaged them even further. For 2021-22 I would like to see more parent involvement in school board meetings and what parents would like to see offered in their children’s education.