Danielle Groeneweg

Danielle Groeneweg

  Profession: Real Estate Agent at Bellwether Real Estate, also Branch Manager for Lynden

  Years in Washington: 32

  Experience as a volunteer/public servant: Volunteered as a soccer coach locally for LYS, Lynden Action, and Rangers Select; Volunteering at our church for adventure club over seven years and can’t wait until fall; Holding fund raisers for local New Way Ministries; served on Whatcom County Association of Realtors BOD as treasurer or director for six-plus years. 

  Question 1: Why do you want to be on the Lynden School Board? Are there any specific issues that caused you to seek this office?

  Danielle Groeneweg: Given my passion for being a voice for kids, I have thought about running in previous years, but the timing didn’t line up. I am now in a position to commit the time necessary to step up and help bring voice to the concerns many in our town of Lynden are having. Please see following answers for thoughts on current issues.

  Question 2: What do you most like about the Lynden School Board, and Lynden School District in general? 

  Groeneweg: I think the current LSB is doing their best so far with trying to keep CRT & the sex ed curriculum out of our schools. I am sure it has been a very difficult last year and a half trying to keep everyone happy in Lynden. My two oldest kids went to BVE K-5th and I cannot say enough how amazing the staff and teachers are at that school. 

 Question 3: If elected, what would you most like to see changed at the Lynden School District?

  Groeneweg: I think there is always room for improvement and listening to what the kids’ wants and needs are should always be first and foremost. I think there are opportunities for growth in how the schools handle bullying in the later years, how the schools treat all kids, how assets are utilized to best use taxpayer dollars and of course ensuring the best decisions possible are made regarding masking kids, requiring vaccinations in kids, continued disallowance of CRT and the current proposed sex ed. 

  Question 4: If elected, what do you believe would be your greatest responsibility to the Lynden School District’s students and their families, as well as the district’s teachers, administrators and other employees?

  Groeneweg: Being a voice for the kids. Listening to the parents’ concerns about what can be improved so our schools can be environments of safety, encouragement and growth for all kids. For teachers, administration, etc., also listening to their feedback on what works best from their POV and helping find balance. 

  Question 5: What would be your greatest responsibility to Lynden School District taxpayers?

  Groeneweg: Really same answer as first part above. I believe in spending other people’s money very conservatively and would take the responsibility very seriously. Before asking taxpayers for another bond or tax, I would do my best to find every way possible to raise funds another way and ensure bids on projects were the most competitive as possible. 

  Question 6: What do believe are the most important issues facing Lynden School District stakeholders and how would you deal with those concerns?

      Groeneweg: The foremost issues at hand are how we allow our kids to go back to school like normal, as so many other states and schools have done successfully across the country (and even in our county). Lynden used to be at the forefront of making bold and wise decisions, even if they were unpopular to the rest of the county, and we need to get back to being leaders. We need to let these kids go back without a piece of cloth on their face so they can see each other’s smiles. We do not need to force anyone to vaccinate, it should be their choice. And keeping CRT and the current proposed sex ed out. 

      Question 7: How do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic has affected meeting the needs of the Lynden School District? What would you like to see different at Lynden Schools in 2021-2022?

      Groeneweg: I think I touched on this one a lot above.