This is a conceptual east-west road cross-section view contained in the city’s draft Pepin Creek Subarea Plan. It shows a sidewalk, planter, travel way, bioretention park, and meandering multi-use trail, 100 feet of right-of-way in all.  (Courtesy visual/City of Lynden)

City Council will take up what planners have been working on for a year

LYNDEN ­—  If Lynden is to grow to nearly 20,000 residents by year 2036, as projected by planners, all those additional folks must live somewhere in housing that is affordable and attractive to them. That someplace has largely been pegged as the Pepin Creek Subarea on the northwest side of town.

Planners project that 1,200 to 2,000 housing units should go into the 460-acre area west of Benson and Double Ditch roads — with the number 1,700 frequently used.

However, the emphasis of late by city officials is that, as it happens, it will be “phased” in stages at a pace matching Lynden’s natural growth. 

North to south through it must run a new Pepin Creek channel to provide drainage of a very level and historically poorly drained terrain. Also, the city has its own 40 acres of park land to plan.

Although the planning effort faces big cost and engineering hurdles, initial design of this overall new created neighborhood of Lynden has begun. It shows up as the 130-page draft Pepin Creek Subarea Plan released initially a year ago, revised since and now coming to public hearing with the Lynden City Council next Monday, Dec. 16.

By maps, visuals and text, the conceptual goals for location of main roadways, types of housing, trails and parks, and other amenities are laid out. 

City planning staff worked with three consultants over many months, together holding several community input meetings along the way. And the process continues.

The draft plan was approved by the city Planning Commission in November (see separate story on page A3), with highlighted points for the council to consider.

For one thing, the positioning of a Pepin Creek Parkway through the whole area, whether it should go through the park or not, is an issue.