Nooksack Valley Disposal gives 2019 statistics

  WHATCOM — Nooksack Valley Disposal & Recycling, serving north Whatcom County, recycled 7.8% more material in 2019, topping more than 6 million pounds of materials recycled for the ninth consecutive year.

  “All the materials we collect, except for aluminum cans, now cost quite a bit to recycle, but everything that we collect from customer recycling bins still is being recycled,” said Calvin Den Hartog, NVD general manager. “Nothing we picked up as recycling has ended up in a landfill.”

  Nooksack Valley Disposal customers in north Whatcom in 2019 recycled 2,843,571 pounds of glass, mixed paper, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, scrap metal, tin cans and aluminum cans and 3,712,000 pounds yard waste and food waste.

  “Our average residential customer recycled 852 pounds last year, up from 830 pounds in 2018, and we recycled a total of 6,555,571 pounds — nearly 3,300 tons,” Den Hartog said.

  “Our customers have been great recyclers, but everyone needs to know what we can recycle and make certain those items are empty and clean. By reducing contamination of recyclable materials, we can continue to keep tons out of our landfills at a reasonable cost,” he emphasized.

  Recycling guidelines are offered at Nooksack Valley Disposal’s website,

  This is a breakdown of specific recycled materials, in pounds: mixed paper, 841,480; glass, 653,420; cardboard, 559,771; newspaper, 220,080; plastic, 284,660 pounds; scrap metal, 155,600; tin cans, 90,620; and aluminum cans, 37,940.

  Nooksack Valley Disposal, founded by Dan and Steff Leidecker in 1971, serves 9,000 customers, roughly from Interstate 5 east to the Mt. Baker foothills. Customers in Lynden, Everson, Nooksack and Sumas may arrange for regular pickup of yard-waste containers and can also place food scraps and food-soiled papers in yard waste.

  The material is taken to Green Earth Technologies of Lynden, which produces compost from the yard and food waste. Yard waste also may be taken to NVD’s transfer station at 250 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd. in Lynden.