LYNDEN ­— The Mt. Baker Ski Area is closed now for the 2016-17 season after what may turn out to be the biggest snowfall up at Heather Meadows in at least 12 years.

Total snowfall through April 16 stood at 855 inches, the ski area’s website reports.

With three inches more, which could happen, the tally would top the 857 inches of 2010-11. Beyond that, it may be necessary to go back to the world record-setting year of 1998-99 when 1,140 inches, or 95 feet, of snow fell at Mt. Baker.

March snowfall of 269 inches was the most in 12 years.

The yearly average is 659 inches. Drought winter 2014-15 brought only 303 inches.

All the snowfall will likely make the opening of the last stretch of the Mt. Baker Highway to Artist Point late this year.