Michael Knapp

LYNDEN ­— City Administrator Mike Martin  announced Monday that Lynden will use Michael Knapp, former police chief of Ferndale, as an interim fill-in when current police chief John Billester retires at the end of June.

Martin said he expects the duration to be six months to a year until a permanent person is chosen for the position.

Knapp, who is retired, also rcently filled in as Blaine went through a police chief search process.

Mayor Scott Korthuis confirmed Monday that Lynden has gone this route because Knapp “was able to help us out” in a way that gains Lynden more time to make the final section for police chief.

Because Lynden is also currently seeking a new human resources person, filling that position has priority for helping fill any other positions, Korthuis said. Consultant Kara Turner is also helping out the city in these processes.

Chief Knapp is expected to be introduced at the June 3 Lynden City Council meeting, and an agreement on his hire would come to the council on June 17. He could then start June 24 for a week of overlap with Billester.

Billester is retiring at age 63, with 28 years served in all with the Lynden Police Department and earlier law enforcement time in Ferndale and Southern California.