The new Lynden Police logo design will be phased in as new vehicles are added to the fleet. (Courtesy photo/Lynden Police Department)

  LYNDEN ­— For the first time in 25 years, the Lynden Police Department’s patrol vehicles are getting a new look.

  The new design gives the fleet a more modern appearance and also means a cost savings of just over $1,000 per vehicle, said Lt. Russ Martin.

  This year, the department has ordered four new patrol vehicles, all 2020 Ford Police Utility Vehicles. They will replace old Ford Crown Victorias still in the fleet, which have become very costly to repair — in some cases more than the vehicle is worth.

  “The new patrol vehicles are more fuel efficient, have more safety features and are reliable,” Martin said. “We need to be able to rely on our police vehicles 24 hours a day as we respond to emergencies and calls for police service.”

  The $1,000 savings comes from not needing the doors of the new vehicles painted white and also slightly less expensive graphics, Martin said.

  “The new design will be phased in as new patrol vehicles are purchased to replace older ones that have reached the end of their police service lives,” he said.

  The redesign project was begun last year when the late Michael Knapp was still interim chief of police. Several officers came up with designs, and one was settled on. The graphics are applied by Special T Graphics of Bellingham.  “The response from the public has been great,” Martin said.