LYNDEN ­— Diesel engine exhaust emissions in fire stations expose firefighters to health risks, including certain types of cancers as well as pulmonary and cardiac diseases.

The Lynden Fire Department recently received notice it has been successful in an application for a Federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant to buy a diesel exhaust source-capture system.

This type of exhaust system acts like an extension of a vehicle’s tailpipe and sends exhaust to the outside ,eliminating most of the harmful gases and small particles.

The grant request was for $57,000, with an award amount of $54,285.71 and a 5% match from the City of Lynden of $2,714.29.

“This exhaust system has been high on our priority list to improve health and safety for our firefighters by reducing their exposure to harmful diesel exhaust,” said Fire Chief Mark Billmire. “As Fire Chief, I want to thank Sandi Dalessandro for writing the grant and getting this important funding for the fire department.”