Two checked out at hospital

  LYNDEN ­— These are details compiled from city fire and police reports in regard to a small airplane crash that happened at the Lynden Municipal Airport Sunday evening, said Public Works Director Steve Banham:

  Shortly after 7:15 p.m. Sunday, June 14, a green and white 1973 Cessna 177RG single-engine, four-seat private plane carrying four passengers crashed while attempting to land from the west on the runway at the Lynden Municipal Airport (“Jansen Field”) located at 8635 Depot Road.

  The plane was en route from Renton Municipal Airport to the Lynden Airport to meet with Garrett Wade (WT Aviation), a local aircraft mechanic who saw the crash and dialed 911.

  Police and fire responders were dispatched by 911 to the scene at approximately 7:20, with the police arriving shortly before fire department EMTs and fire apparatus.

  The plane’s landing gear was damaged during the attempted landing and the plane skidded along the runway and came to a stop on private property on the north side of the runway after being slowed on impact by one of  the airport’s precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights used for landings.

  The plane sustained substantial damage, but due to quick thinking by those on scene, no fire occurred.

  Of the plane’s four passengers, two sustained injuries and were transported to PeaceHealth in Bellingham for examination. The other two passengers were assessed, but refused treatment and transport.

  Reports have made to the FAA and to the National Transportation Safety Board.

  The plane has since been relocated to a tiedown area on the south side of the airport pending disposition by the owner and the insurance company.