With three classes, it will serve parents asking for in-person Christian education

LYNDEN ­— Responding in the pandemic and citing its mission, Lynden Christian School plans to offer an Evening School serving more families for the 2021 second semester.

The Christian school is advertising to hire one teacher at the elementary level and two at the middle school level, plus an assistant principal to administer the Evening School.

The new venture is projected to be from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with office hours on Fridays.

“We have many students on our waiting list from families who are interested in Lynden Christian and in this evening school concept,” LC Superintendent Paul Bootsma wrote enrolled families last week. “We hope to serve combined grades of 2nd and 3rd, 5th and 6th, and 7th and 8th. These are the grades in which we have student waiting lists.”

The additional schooling will be in-person, as Lynden Christian has been since Sept. 1, using open spaces and classrooms in the middle school building that can be set up and taken down easily, so as not to interfere with the daytime school operation, Bootsma wrote.

“We will focus on student learning with a more condensed, essential curriculum and schedule.”

The Night School will follow all of the same COVID health guidance that Lynden Christian follows during the day: screening, distancing, masks, and hygiene.

A tuition rate will be charged similar to that for LC day school tuition that independently supports the evening school, Bootsma said.

Lynden Christian is eager to spread word of this effort, said Ezra Stump, director of community development, even as parents have already expressed interest concerning education in this 2020-21 year upset by COVID restrictions. 

Most public schools are back in remote education at the middle and high school levels, after trying to be in-person in November until COVID cases spiked again. Many elementaries are in-person.

Parents who call “are hoping their children can receive a quality, Christ-centered, in-person education,” Bootsma wrote. “This has prompted some creative thinking about how Lynden Christian, as a Christian community, can help meet the needs of these families. ... The purpose of this evening school is rooted in our mission to partner with the church and Christian families to educate their children in Christ so they grow and mature in their faith!”

It is an “outside the box” administrative proposal, but also “a blessing and unique opportunity,” that the Lynden Christian School Board has endorsed, he said.