Hell's Belles

All-female AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles will play the Aug. 14 Rock Fest at this year’s Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden. (Courtesy photos)

2021 Northwest Washington Fair Preview

  “Hells Bells” is the opening track on AC/DC’s seventh album, “Back in Black.”

  It’s also the inspiration for an all-female band that plays tribute to the Australian hard rock quintet.

  Dubbed “Hell's Belles,” the band is one of five musical acts scheduled for this year’s Rock Fest at the Northwest Washington Fair, Aug. 14.

  Recently, Adrian ‘Angus’ Conner talked to the Lynden Tribune about her career not only with the all-female tribute band, but also in the music industry in general.

  “I started out playing (rhythm guitar) ‘Malcolm,’” said Conner, the band’s most tenured member. “When (the previous lead guitarist) left, I told them I could do Angus if they’d let me try. They came to the realization that I could play. But they were concerned I couldn’t do the acting part.”

  Since then, Conner has more than proved she could handle the role. She proved it to the band, and she proved it to herself.

  “This role has grown my personality, it’s grown me spiritually, and musically,” Conner said. “ I have a lot more confidence.”

  Conner’s favorite AC/DC song to play is “Shoot to Thrill,” the second song on “Back in Black.”

  “It has different levels of intensity, the guitar mimics the vocals, and the lyrics are fun,” Conner said.

  Hell’s Belles has played thousands of shows, including Jordan, Singapore, Japan and Canada.

  Conner remembers what it was like to be new to the band. So she understands how her new singer must feel. Megan Rüger recently played her first show with the band.

  Rüger’s favorite AC/DC songs are “Highway to Hell,” “You Shook Me” and “Jailbreak.” The new singer said she looks forward to playing in front of. The Lynden crowd.

  “The more intimate venues, you can interact more with the crowd,” she said. “With the bigger crowds, you don’t get that.”

  Learn more about Hell’s Belles at http://www.hellsbelles.net.

Hell’s Belles: The Lineup

Simona Bressi: drums

  Simona Bressi was born in Milan, Italy. She moved to Los Angeles where she attended Musicians Institute and started playing and recording with many original and tribute bands such as Mistress of Reality (Black Sabbath) and Allison Chains (Alice in Chains). Bressi moved to Seattle in 2004.

Adrian Conner: lead guitar

  In addition to her two decades with Hell’s Belles, Adrian Conner’s solo work is “consistent, prolific  just as unrelenting.”

      No stranger to playing guitar on the actual bar, Conner and her band will demand your attention and win your heart.

      Her musical journey renovates some pages of punk, rock, thrash and alternative histories, some of which are co-written with Kathy Valentine of the Go-Go’s which won Adrian a Best of Austin Music Award in 2011 under the Adrian & the Sickness moniker.

  Since 2016, Conner has produced 12 of her own music videos for her various musical  projects.

Jess Coram: rhythm guitar

  Australian born and raised Jess Coram traipsed Australia and the globe as the founder and rhythm guitarist for Sydney alt-poppers The Mis-Made, resulting in multiple albums and a stint opening for grunge wave icons L7 in 2016.

Nicole Ridge: bass guitar

  From California, Nicole Ridge started paying guitar at 13 and then switched to bass at 16 “when I got in my first band.” Ridge has played in various alternate rock and metal bands in Los Angeles area.

  Also played the role of Geezer Butler for a well-known all-female Black Sabbath tribute band.

Megan Rüger: vocalist

  Megan Rüger is a high-octane performer who mixes loud rock with pop melodies. She grabbed the world’s attention as a star on season six of NBC’s hit show “The Voice.”

  Rüger  has shared stages with several gold and platinum selling recording artists, performed the national anthem on numerous televised events including NASCAR races, and before COVID-19, she was a featured female performer in the five-time award winning Las Vegas show “Raiding The Rock Vault.”