Marshall Judy

Marshall Judy

Served as mayor pro tem of Nooksack for 16 years

NOOKSACK — Mayor pro tem for 16 years, Marshall Judy has been Mayor of Nooksack since he was appointed in January 2021.

However, Mayor Judy lost to Kevin Hester in the November general election, 280 votes to 235 votes, as of Nov. 12.

A resident of Nooksack since 1993 “when we purchased my wife’s family home,” Judy said he “love(s) our small town and like being involved in our city government helping make decisions on how our town operates and grows.”

As sales manager for Central Welding Supply, Judy spends most of his time in Whatcom County.

“But my territory covers Everett to Alaska,” he said.

After 40 years with Central Welding Supply, Judy looks back to his youth when he started working on his uncle’s dairy farm. 

“I enjoyed the hard work and thought I would become a farmer,” he said.

Lynden Tribune: What do you like most about your job? 

Marshall Judy: Working directly with people and taking care of their specific needs.

Tribune: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? 

Judy: Boating in the San Juan Islands.

Tribune: Which around-the-house task is your least favorite? 

Judy: Cleaning the barn.

Tribune: What is your favorite food? 

Judy: Alder fire cooked BBQ salmon using the same family recipe that we have used for years.

Tribune: What music do you have in your vehicle right now? 

Judy: Classic rock, Elton John being one of my favorites.

Tribune: What is your favorite sports team? 

Judy: WSU Cougars. The Apple Cup is one of my favorite games of the year.

Tribune: What’s the biggest thing on your bucket list? 

Judy: I would like to visit the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, as I used to do a lot of scuba diving, and this has always interested me.

Tribune: Tell us something about you that very few people know.

Judy: I have an identical twin brother. We look and sound alike, and that has been cause for lots of laughs and confusion throughout our lives.

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