100 years ago

Lynden to play fast Mount Vernon team — Jan. 1, 1920

Lynden will see one of the most important basketball games of recent years on Friday night when the fast Mount Vernon team will meet the Lynden five. An especially fast contest is looked for as the teams are rather evenly matched.


75 years ago

Year of progress in Lynden ended — Jan. 4, 1945

Another year passes into review this week, while thousands of families in the Lynden district are looking forward to the year 1945 with thoughts and hopes for peace, victory and a quick return of the 700 servicemen from the area, fighting for their country.


50 years ago

New buildings, moon landings highlights of year — Jan. 1, 1970

Reviewing the past year, the Northeaster that froze out the strawberry crop and created other hardships was one of the important happenings of 1969. Lynden’s face was changed by the opening of the Lynden Department Store Thriftway store and the starting of construction of the new Peoples State Bank building.


25 years ago

Not your typical G.I. Joe — Jan. 4, 1995

As a little girl growing up, Aminta Van Dyken never dreamed of being in the military. She didn’t play with plastic soldiers and emulate games of war. Yet at age 24, the Lynden woman is a lieutenant with the Army. A platoon of 34 people is under her supervision at Fort Bragg, N.C. She is also a jump master, responsible for 60-120 people parachuting out of an airplane before taking the plunge herself.