LYNDEN — Another Freedom Parade, repeating one done on May 9, is being planned for Saturday, the Fourth of July. 

  As before, vehicles will come together at the Bender recreational fields on Bender Road with the parade happening between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., according to a Facebook posting of Julie 


  More than 1,000 had indicated an interest in this or will participate, as of Tuesday this week.

  Anderson helped organized the earlier event that became a procession of more than 400 cars for about two hours through Lynden, beginning and ending at Bender. This time, Anderson is working with Rachel Hernes on details. 

  Anderson said she has let Lynden city government know of the plans, and was told no permit for the event is needed. “We encourage social distancing and masks if people feel inclined,” she said. 

  She has also heard that Republican gubernatiorial candidate Joshua Freed may attend.