He monitored an election in El Salvador, the senator reports

WHATCOM ­— State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, representing the county’s 42nd District, had the second-most missed votes in the entire Washington State Legislature in the 2021 session, numbers from WashingtonVotes show.

With 53 missed out of a total 490 roll-call votes, he was topped only by Sen. Jeff Holy, R-Cheney, who had 63. 

Twenty-six senators had zero missed votes, and 13 more missed five votes or less.

This was Ericksen’s statement to WashingtonVotes in explanation:

“People miss votes every year. This year I was in El Salvador monitoring their elections where they actually require Voter ID. Even the poorest can get ID.

“I didn’t miss a single vote where I would have been the 25th ‘yes’ because of the lack of bipartisanship by the Democrats this year. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of opportunities where they tried to bring in Republicans.”

Sen. Holy said he was excused for three of the 105 days of the session. One was for the Saturday wedding date of a son, and two were to attend an unexpected, out-of-state funeral of a family member. Both were on busy voting days in April, as it turned out.

In the state House of Representatives, the most votes missed was 40, out of a total 484, by Rep. Mike Volz, R-Spokane. Out of the 98 representatives, more than half, 56, missed zero votes. 

One of those who made every vote was first-term 42nd District Rep. Alicia Rule, D-Blaine. Rep. Sharon Shewmake, D-Bellingham, missed eight votes out of the 484.