Elisa and Phillip George

Elisa and Phillip George. (Courtesy photo/Safe Harbor Legal Solutions)

WHATCOM — For Phillip and Elisa George of Safe Harbor Legal Solutions, the purpose is in the name.

Safe Harbor provides a welcoming place for people to learn about planning for their future.

Phillip and Elisa George worked at one of the largest estate planning firms in Washington until COVID-19 hit. They had an hour-long radio show and a footprint that stretched all over Whatcom County and beyond.

“We spent our time just talking about everything related to aging,” Phillip George said. “COVID came round and that firm had to reduce their footprint down. My wife and I made the decision that, rather than moving down to Federal Way to stay with that firm, we were going to continue our mission up here in Whatcom and Skagit counties and just do it under our own name.

Their work with Safe Harbor would be just like the work they had been doing for four or five years prior, just under a different name and different ownership.

Their goal? To offer a different way to approach retirement planning. To do that, Safe Harbor keeps fragmentation out of this kind of planning.

“None of the planning really complements one another,” Phillip George said. “What we do that’s different is we talk to people about incorporating all those things into their plan. It’s about health, housing and finances.”

The legal aspect of the business is kind of the highway that connects all three of those components, Phillip said. It’s about establishing legal documentation so that health, housing and finances work in tandem with one another.

“We bring people together with their families and we go over those plans,” Phillip George said. “That’s really kind of a powerful moment because what we find is that a lot of the time, people don’t want to do that. It can be a tough subject.”

By sitting down with family and talking over planning with them, the situation won’t dissolve into a fight somewhere down the road.

Safe Harbor acts as a sort of consolidator of all the information required to successfully plan for retirement.

Phillip George said the best way to reach out to Safe Harbor is by attending one of their free educational seminars. Check SafeHarborLegalSolutions.com/seminars for more information; the next one will be Oct. 14 in Mt. Vernon, but Phillip George said they put on these seminars all over their coverage area.

“What we’ve found is after they’ve sat through a seminar, our initial consultations are quite a bit more efficient than if people just came to us off the street,” Phillip George said.

During seminars, he breaks down the cost at the end and shows what pricing will look like so there are no surprises.

Safe Harbor Legal Solutions is located at 1313 East Maple St., Suite 222, in Bellingham.

Visit www.SafeHarborLegalSolutions.com for more information or call 360-746-7169.