It involved the owner, renter of a residence 

WHATCOM — A 74-year-old man was arrested at Sandy Point Aug. 7 for allegedly shooting at another man, a renter on his property.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office gave this sequence of events:

It about 7:30 p.m. on the Wednesday, deputies were dispatched to the 3700 block of Sinclair Drive (Sandy Point area of the Lummi Reservation), after multiple 911 calls had been received to the effect that a man was yelling, screaming and waiving a gun around at that location.

Deputies contacted a man who had just left the area of Sinclair at the intersection of Slater and Haxton roads. He said that he had been living in a travel trailer on the property of Raymond Darrow, age 74, on Sinclair Drive. He claimed that Darrow was drunk and belligerent and had told him to get off his property. Upon leaving, the reporting man said he was shot by Darrow in the back with what he believed to be a shotgun. This victim refused medical assistance and told deputies he did not wish to pursue criminal charges against Darrow.

Assisted by officers of Lummi Law and Order, deputies went to the Sinclair Drive address and tried to make contact with Darrow in his residence.  But he refused to come out. Instead, after warning deputies of “incoming fire,” Darrow discharged a pump-action shotgun into the side of the trailer where the person previously contacted lived. 

Nearby residents were evacuated and vehicle and pedestrian traffic was re-routed from the area of danger due to the firearm danger. 

Deputies learned that Darrow had an outstanding felony arrest warrant on him for failure to appear on a trial call relating to a felony harassment charge originating with the Bellingham Police Department as well as two gross misdemeanor arrest warrants for failure to appear on DUI and reckless driving from Whatcom County courts.

Deputies were successful in persuading Darrow to leave the house and peaceably surrender. He was arrested on the outstanding warrants and for reckless endangerment. Deputies will pursue with the county prosecuting attorney additional charges relating to the shooting of the man renting his trailer.

Deputies obtained a search warrant and seized the shotgun and nearby ammunition as evidence.  Other weapons were taken into custody for safekeeping.