Health Board is due to consider action Thursday

   WHATCOM ­— County Council members, meeting as the county Health Board Thursday, March 26, could transfer up to $4 million into a special COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to cover cash flow in response to the crisis.
  Paperwork prepared for the 1 p.m. meeting authorizes the County Treasurer to make an interfund loan from the Equipment Rental & Revolving Fund to be paid back within 18 months at .5% interest.
  It will take a two-thirds vote of the seven-person board to pass this emergency action.
  All meetings of county government have gone remote, meaning none of the participants will actually be present in the Courthouse. However, a live stream of the meeting will be available through the council’s online Legislative Information Center.
  The agenda calls for an update on the COVID-19 coronavirus situation and discussion of strategies before voting on setting up the emergency fund.
  The council has already committed, in two steps this month, $500,000 to the coronavirus fight, and yet “it has become apparent that adequate COVID-19 response will require significantly more resources,” states a draft ordinance. “The spread of the COVID-19 virus presents a continuing threat to the health and safety of the citizens of Whatcom County.”
  A $250,000 contribution is expected from the City of  Bellingham.