Chamber gives Facebook help detecting fakes

LYNDEN ­— The Chamber of Commerce put out a Counterfeit Currency Alert to its members on Tuesday.

Area businesses recently accepted counterfeit bills from customers, but did not discover they were fake until the time of deposit at the bank.

“This leaves the business without a method of identifying the perpetrator, as well as short cash and most likely the cost of lost merchandise or an unpaid service,” the notice states.

In the past week, local Peoples Bank has intercepted fraudulent $20 bills before they made it into circulation, the Chamber reports.

See a “how to spot a counterfeit” posting on the Lynden Chamber’s Facebook page showing in detail what to look for on different denominations of bills to verify authenticity.

“A counterfeit pen helps, but won’t catch everything,” said Chamber executive director Gary Vis.

If you suspect a problem, call 911 to report to local law enforcement.

Police Chief John Billester said Lynden has had about a dozen cases of counterfeit money passed in the past year, and the department is investigating this latest occurrence.