Lynden firefighters

On May 2, Lynden Mayor Scott Korthuis swears in firefighters Kerri Jenkins, Jordan Hastings and Anthony Taylor. (Photo courtesy Ellen Korthuis)

LYNDEN — An event of introduction and recognition is the best way to describe the May 2 Lynden City Council meeting. 

Lynden’s three new firefighters, Kerri Jenkins, Anthony Taylor and Jordan Hastings, all took the oath of office led by Mayor Scott Korthuis. 

After the ceremony, Lynden Fire Chief Mark Billmire spoke of his gratitude for having three new firefighters.

“Just glad to have them,” said Billmire. “They’re fantastic, all three of them have been hired since the first of the year and every day they come to work and go out and train all day.” 

Police Chief Steve Taylor also introduced three Lynden police officers who had been sworn in but never introduced to the city council due to COVID-19.

“We didn’t have an opportunity to recognize them properly, and it’s a public council meeting, so we’re going to rectify that situation today,” said Taylor. 

The first police officer introduced by Taylor was Tanner Holland who joined the Lynden Police department in May 2020 from the Washington State Patrol.  

The second, Officer Travis Lipton, joined the department in December 2021, with 17 years of experience at Washington State Patrol, according to Taylor. 

“So lucky me, we have a new guy who has 17 years of experience so we’re happy to have him,” said Taylor. 

Officer Ben Ellis joined the department Jan. 1 of this year, also from Washington State Patrol, according to Taylor. 

“We are very glad to have them,” said Taylor. “In the short time that each of them have been here they really have just jumped right in and they fit in great, part of the family, they love Lynden, they love this community and they love serving.” 

City of Lynden’s new Human Resources Director Kari Heeringa was also introduced during the meeting. 

“I’m blessed to have (21) years of experience right from the Christian Health (Care Center),” said Korthuis in regards to Heeringa’s experience.

Parks Director Brent De Ruyter was recognized for one year of employment with the City of Lynden.

“You did (three summers) as part-time and then you came in as park maintenance, and then graduated right on to parks director within a year,” said Korthuis to De Ruyter. “Well done. Good to have you on board.”