But reopening to public must follow along ‘numerous gateways’

  LYNDEN ­— No cases of COVID-19 were found among either staff or residents in testing at the Christian Health Care Center on June 12.

  This was in accord with a mandate upon all nursing care facilities from the Washington State Department of Health to do comprehensive testing within a specific window of time.

  This testing — a survey of current conditions — was designed to measure the scope and magnitude of COVID-19 infections in long-term care centers while also providing data that can help limit the transmission of the virus in the future.

  CHCC’s test results were received on June 16 and 17, and fully 100% — all residents and staff who were tested on June 12 — were negative. 

“That is a milestone worth celebrating!” CHCC posted.

  The center also said: “Receiving those results is a step in the right direction and one we can be excited about. However, the pandemic is not over, so we cannot make changes to our operations yet.

  “We must continue on the path we have been on — following specific industry recommendations — until we receive further direction from state and local health departments. Those organizations will instruct us on the next steps to take.

  “Because the nature of the pandemic has been fluid and continuously evolving, we cannot provide a specific date on which CHCC will reopen to the public. There will, instead, be numerous gateways through which we need to pass to achieve our reopening goals. [See a June 8 posting online at https://chcclynden.org/alert-archives/].

  “We believe that the results received were achieved with guidance from health care experts, through strategic planning and due to incredible staff diligence. With those things, along with fierce prayers and support from our community, CHCC has been able to protect its residents and staff through the pandemic.

  “Our mission continues. We do so with a renewed sense of determination and an eagerness to safely reconnect families with those receiving care here as soon as possible. We will continue to keep you informed along the way. Stay safe, be well.”