LYNDEN — The Lynden Chamber of Commerce office reopened to the public on Monday, Oct. 5, with regular staff although not volunteer helpers yet, reported executive director Gary Vis.

It became possible after paying some bills for the summer events that did not happen this year due to COVID, Vis explained. Money was raised selling a bunch of basketballs for $10 each — basketballs that were acquired for a Northwest Raspberry Festival with its 3-on-3 street basketball that didn’t happen in July.

“A tremendous thank-you to everyone who pitched in to turn our excess of basketballs into a Christmas parade!” posted Vis last week. “Not only did the community raise some much-needed dollars to get the parade planned, but thanks to your tremendous generosity, Jerry (Blankers) and crew were able to get basketballs to Lynden, Lynden Christian, Meridian and Nooksack classes and programs!”

And “short of a court order, we are planning for a Lighted Christmas Parade,” Vis said, although it might be a little different in format.