With 30 years in overall, she enjoyed the last 10 in Lynden

  LYNDEN ­— Cathi LeCocq, manager at the Lynden Community/Senior Center nearly the past 10 years, is announcing her retirement. 

  Her last day will be Friday, Aug. 14, she says in an email.

  “Doing it during a pandemic closure isn’t exactly the blaze of glory I had planned to go out on, but the time has come!” she says.

  Despite the official closure of the center now — except for passing out hot prepared noon meals through a sliding window on Grover Street — LeCocq has been continuing to come in most weekdays.

  She has worked in senior services (almost all in senior centers) for 30 years.  Cathi will be 65 in January and her husband has been retired for three years now.  “Maybe the most deciding factor is that last fall we bought a snowbirding residence in Arizona and are looking forward to getting out of the cold and rain this winter!” she wrote.

  “As I’ve said many times before, though I live on the north end of Bellingham, Lynden is really my community. Since I started at the Lynden Center, I have really come to appreciate working in a smaller, close-knit and supportive municipality.  I have truly enjoyed building relationships working with municipal and business individuals on an up close and personal basis.  Getting to know all of you and being an integral part of the downtown neighborhood has been a really great experience and I will miss you and the community very much!”