LYNDEN ­— A black walnut tree that is in a squeeze next to the Chamber of Commerce building downtown will be transplanted in February.

It will be moved to Berthusen Park, says Larry McPhail, who is a member of the antique tractor club that uses Berthusen. McPhail got permission for the move from Mayor Scott Korthuis.

“He said Dale TeVelde from the utilities department had a vacuum truck that would suck up all the dirt around the tree roots and a truck to lift the tree out and move it to Berthusen Park,” McPhail said.

The tree is by now 20 feet tall, but it is in tight space between buildings.

Chamber executive director Gary Vis believes the tree has grown  from a nut from the Phoebe Judson black walnut tree around the corner “that a squirrel forgot about.”

The mother tree was planted for the “Mother of Lynden” in 1886, says a plaque at the site.