Lindsey Vande Hoef

Lindsey Vande Hoef stands in front of her business Sparrows Salon and Spa located on Front Street. (Leora Watson/Lynden Tribune)

LYNDEN — Lindsey Vande Hoef had been doing hair for 14 years and never thought about owning a salon. Until the opportunity presented itself.

“I was driving down front street and saw the for lease sign and that’s when it started,” said Vande Hoef.  

Sparrows Salon and Spa was originally just going to be a hair salon, Vande Hoef said. But after extensive remodeling, the space transformed into a place to cater to all beauty needs.  

“We remodeled everything, it took two months,” said Vande Hoef. “We were just going to do hair and then we decided to add more rooms and so we made it more of a spa as well.”     

Sparrows Salon and Spa officially opened its doors to the Lynden community on Jan. 2, 2021. Business has been thriving ever since.

“It got bigger and faster than I thought it was going to,” said Vande Hoef. 

Sparrows Salon and Spa offers an array of beauty services. Hair, lashes and skin care are community favorites but customers can also enjoy massages, microblading and spray tans at Sparrows as well.  

When learning that Sparrows Salon and Spa had been voted best in four different categories of the annual Best of Lynden awards, Vande Hoef and her staff rejoiced.

“I screamed, even if we had one I figured it just be salon, but it turned into four categories and I was in shock,” said Vande Hoef. “We were all stoked.” 

Customers have commented on the nice decor and ambience of the business, she said.

“They like the atmosphere, we did a plant and gold theme,” said Vande Hoef. “We try to make it inviting, classy but cozy still, where people can talk, socialize and feel comfortable.”

The holiday season has been especially busy, Vande Hoef said.

Vande Hoef chose to name her salon Sparrows due to the bird representing hard work, diligence, productivity and persistence and enters your life to remind you to be happy.