Heidi Polinder

Heidi Polinder of Heidi Polinder Photography was recognized as best photographer in the 2021 Best of Lynden awards. One of her favorite places to shoot photographs is Berthusen Park in Lynden. (Bill Helm/Lynden Tribune)

LYNDEN — Heidi Polinder was so certain she would grow up working with animals that she earned her degree as a veterinary technician.

To top it off, she spent seven years in the profession.

Then it happened. Polinder was bit by the photography bug.

“As with many photographers it started out as a hobby and grew into a passion for which I could support my family,” Polinder said recently. “I have always been an entrepreneur, so the business part of it was a natural fit for me.”

It’s been 13 years now since Polinder switched careers. Recently, she was recognized as Best Photographer in the annual Best of Lynden awards. The recognition, Polinder said, is an “absolute honor and I am humbled by it.”

“This community is so supportive and has been a wonderful place to establish a photography business,” Polinder said.

A Lynden resident, Polinder shoots on location and also from her home studio, which she said is a “relaxing, quiet atmosphere that allows me to get those precious newborn images that are treasured for a lifetime.”

Always a lover of animals, she recently photographed 12 Labrador puppies in a row on a log.

The image, she admits, is a composite, which means the photograph is a blending of several images into one final image. 

“What makes me unique, I am one of a few local photographers that do composite photography,” Polinder said. “It has taken me many years to develop my own techniques to master this art and it is something I really enjoy doing.”

Heidi Polinder Photography offers many services. However, Polinder is most keen on people photography.

“I am passionate about newborn, children and family photography,” she said. “I also specialize in professional head shots. I also enjoy doing branding for other local business.”

For Polinder, a successful photos hoot has many elements, such as location, lighting, the right outfits which she said “set the tones for the entire session.”

As for her favorite places to create her work, Polinder said she “love(s) natural wide-open locations with a natural sunlight filter in the distance to catch the most amazing sunset golden light.”

However, Berthusen Park or Hovander Park “can both provide great back drops.”

“I have other places,” Polinder said. “But (I) can't share all my secrets.”

It’s no secret that Polinder is also fond of working thematically. Recently, she finished her Christmas-themed sessions, which was a teddy bear store front.

“Children love these sessions as they are interactive and keep the kiddos attention as kiddos can get bored and frustrated during sessions,” Polinder said.

Polinder also does a baby duck photo shoot session in the spring, where children get 20 minutes with a set of baby ducks that are 2-10 days old.

“They get to learn and interact with the ducklings in a safe controlled environment,” she said. “The ducks are so mellow they will often fall asleep on the kiddos backs. It is very popular.”

Learn more about Heidi Polinder Photography on her Facebook or Instagram pages.