60 painters get a chance to try their hand at being an artist

  LYNDEN ­— Fisher Elementary School PTA hosted a family painting event Feb. 21 in the Fisher cafeteria. The event was put on by Date and Paint, a local business that specializes in instructor-led painting. Date and Paint typically has a set of different painting options for events to choose from, but for the Fisher Painting Night the company specifically created a cow and barn for the families to paint. 

  This is the third year the PTA has held a painting night. Date and Paint charges $15 a person for kids’ events. 

  Fisher PTA secretary Rebecca Johnson said her preschool-aged daughter begged to come because she’s seen how much fun her older brother has had coming to the Painting Night the last few years. 

  The event started out with every participant, nearly 60 painters, settling into their spots around the room with a canvas and the Date and Paint employees handing out paint brushes and paper plates with white, red, black and blue paint on them. 

  The instructor had the kids and their parents paint their whole canvas blue. That process takes long enough that the paint will dry in time so the kids can paint right over the blue to start the red barn. 

  After the red barn was painted in one layer, the instructor had everyone start on the cows. After the start of the cows, the red barn was painted again in a second layer of red paint. Then the kids finished their cows, some taking artistic freedom with bows, sunglasses and birds. 

  With all the layers of paint on the canvas, some participants had to use a blow dryer to dry their paint before adding finishing touches. 

  “It was all awesome,” said Alex Zediker, unable to choose what his favorite part of the evening was.

  Date and Paint is based out of Ferndale and holds a family painting event every other Saturday. They also will travel for parties. If someone is interested in finding out more about Date and Paint, find more information at dateandpaint.com.