5 generations, from David’s grandmother now down to a granddaughter

  BELLINGHAM — Gallery Syre announces an upcoming art exhibition “Origins and Evolutions: 5 Generations,” opening to the public on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021. 

  Inspired by Clara Anderson, known to the family as “Grandma Joe,” the exhibition gathers artwork from generations of artists in the Anderson/Syre family: Grandma Joe, her grandson David Syre, and Syre’s daughter Amy Healy.

  Also included in the exhibition is Amy’s daughter Ann, widening the span of the family’s inherent urge to create art to more than a century.  

  The creative impulse began with Grandma Joe. Clara had always wanted to be a painter, but felt she had to raise her family first. She did not begin painting seriously until she was in her early 70s, using her Edmonds kitchen as her first studio. The exhibition offers an experience to enter Grandma Joe’s world through a recreation of her kitchen inside the gallery walls, along with many of her beautiful landscapes.

  Clara’s art deeply affected her grandson David Syre, who began painting at a very young age. Much like his grandmother, however, David truly pursued his passion of art later in life, starting to draw and paint again at the age of 72. But instead of landscapes, he followed his internal urge to express his emotions with free gestures, inspired by the impressions of daily life on canvas. David’s work shown in this exhibition unequivocally reveals David’s personality and his big, bold and unapologetic approach to life.

  David’s daughter Amy Healy was the first to study art and formally train as an artist. She is a keen observer of her surroundings and takes everyday items she sees around her and uses them to produce playful and colorful works. Although Amy’s works clearly reveal her whimsical, fun and open personality, they are the elegant creations of a truly sophisticated artist.

  Although these three family artists and their work appear different at a first glance, they share many surprising life experiences, memories and emotions. The exhibition compares and highlights the masterpieces of each artist and tells their story through their creative views. 

  With this exhibition, Gallery Syre aims to introduce the works and life of these three artists to the community and to open doors to further engagement.

  The exhibition will be accompanied by a full-color catalog. The exhibition will remain accessible at least through May 2021. (Dates of both the opening and closing are subject to change in the current COVID pandemic. Please check the website at www.davidsyreart.com for updates.)

  Masks will be available for everyone and the 10,000-square-foot gallery allows maintaining 6 feet of social distance at all times.  Or contact the gallery for a visit by appointment at info@davidsyreart.com or 360-746-8745. 

  The Syre-Anderson families have their roots in rural Whatcom County in Nooksack River farming in the Lawrence township, and David Syre, now 80, attended Mount Baker High School before a career in property development. He has returned to live at the family homestead on State Route 9 and his art studios are there.