The Harmelinks

The Harmelinks. Front row left to right: Harvey and Vernon Harmelink. Back row left to right: Andy and George Harmelink.

2021 Veterans Day Special Section: Andrew, Harvey, George and Vernon Harmelink

For this year's Veterans Day special insert, we asked that you tell us your story of service, or the story of your loved one who served.

This year, we are proud to share 17 of those stories, with both images and words telling us all about some of the fine Whatcom County residents past and present who served our country.

This is one of those stories. Meet Andrew, Harvey, George and Vernon Harmelink.

Branch: US Navy

Served: During World War II

Jo Young of Lynden talks of her four brothers, Andrew, Harvey, George, and Vernon Harmelink.

In her words: “My brother Bert Harmelink and brother-in-law Henry Van Dyke served in France during World War 1, my four brothers Andrew, Harvey, George, and Vernon Harmelink served during World War 2.

“They were always in hot spots, and I can remember every evening when the paper arrived with headlines: Thousands killed by Japanese Bombing, my mother would stand by the table crying because she didn’t know where her sons were fighting. I was a frighten little girl.

“My husband Jack Young served in the Marines during the Korean conflict, our son Tom Young served two years peace time, grandson T. Randy Young just completed 20 years in the Army as a helicopter pilot.

“I have several nieces and nephews as well that have served. I’m just a flag-waving American, a citizen is what I want to be. I wear red, white and blue every Friday and my shirt says, One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

“God bless America, and God bless you.”