LAUREL — The Tenmile Clean Water Project is an independent, citizen-led group dedicated to improving the overall water quality in the Tenmile Creek watershed.

This is the mission: “Our goal is to bring the waters of the Tenmile Creek watershed into compliance with bacteria water quality standards, and maintain those clean water conditions. We aim to achieve this clean water goal by involving people in sampling water quality and in finding and fixing preventable pollution sources. We believe sustained community stewardship is the most durable solution.”

Learn more at a Tenmile Clean Water Project meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11, in Bellewood Acres Farmstead & Distillery, 6140 Guide Meridian Rd.

Member and guest speaker Kirsten McDade, pollution prevention specialist, will introduce a program for empowering and engaging community members in keeping waters free and clear of pollution. The Water Reporter program teaches citizens how to recognize and report everyday pollution. 

Light snacks will be provided. Check on Facebook for more.