LYNDEN ­— Both the new Farm Pavilion and its anticipated Farming for Life Experience exhibit can still use year-end financial support to close the gap on goals, a letter from the Northwest Washington Fair Foundation states.

The total cost of building the Farm Pavilion, whose visible structure along Front Street was used for the August 2019 fair, was $5,021,059. Pledges and grants cover $4,347,723 of that amount, leaving about $750,000 to be raised.

The total cost of the exhibit is estimated at $2 million. Pledges and grants so far are $350,000.

To make a year-end donation, go to nwwafair.come/farm.

“Both the Farm Pavilion and the Farming for Life Experience are being constructed thanks to the continued generosity of our local community members,” the letter to supporters states. “Your dedication to agricultural education will build a lasting legacy, inspiring generations to come.”