Reflecting on Thanksgiving each year brings much to be thankful for as we near the 40-year mark of working in the family community newspaper business.

The one word that comes immediately to the forefront is relationships, both personal and professional, that are the foundation for being. Family, friends, businesses, employees, community service groups and so many others that we have met along our life’s journey!

We are ever so thankful for our health. As we reach “middle age” we are too often reminded of how fragile life can be and our hearts ache for those who are ailing or who have lost loved ones.

One final note: this year please take just a few moments out of your hectic and busy lives and reach out to those less fortunate.

There is no doubt that doing so will give this holiday season a truly special meaning. Happy Thanksgiving.

— Mary Jo and Michael Lewis

I am thankful to be surrounded by a loving supportive family that brings great joy to Melinda and me. Four daughters, their husbands and 10 grandchildren – wow. We will have the whole bunch together this Thanksgiving for the first time in three years!

I am thankful for meaningful and rewarding work to do in local journalism, for a vibrant community, challenging issues and interesting personalities to write about. I appreciate those who care about what is going on in our communities and care about the quality of our life together. The Lynden Tribune & Print Co. is a good workplace still putting ink on paper for good purposes.

I am thankful for what I can learn from others, from reading, from travel and from the challenges of each day. I am thankful for the people of our church who are our family of faith. I return thanks to God for material blessings that are sufficient, and the opportunities to be of service to others.

— Calvin Bratt

I’m thankful that I am alive and well today. After battling an addiction for 10 years, I wasn’t sure I’d be alive at age 32 — and certainly not clean and sober.

Somehow, through a miracle, I have six years of sobriety, an apartment, food to eat every night, a full-time job and a family and girlfriend that never gave up on me. And now I get to cover sports for a living. I couldn’t be more fortunate.

— Eric Trent

I’m thankful for the wonderful people in my life. I’ve been blessed with many friends who support me, and coworkers I’ve grown even more fond of. I’m happy to spend my holiday season with them.

— Ashley Hiruko