Richard ‘Max’ Boekenoogen

  On July 23, we lost our beloved father, Richard “Max” Boekenoogen. He passed away peacefully at the age of 91 in Everett, Washington. He was preceded in death by his wife of 69 years, Maureen, who died on October 19, 2020.

  Born on July 24, 1929 in Ashland, Wisconsin, Max grew up in McGregor, Minnesota and moved to Bremerton, Washington in the late 1940s.

  He married Maureen Falkner in 1951 and they had 3 daughters: Sandy, Pam and Kaye. Later, he was blessed with 6 grandchildren: Danny Borling (Sandy and Dan), Parker, Max, and Kaylee Evans (Pam and Tom), and Conor and Kiernan Grissom (Kaye and Gordon).

  He is survived by his brother, Jimmy Boekenoogen of Sumner, Washington.

Max spent the first 23 years of his working career in the Air Force. At the end of WWII he was involved in the Berlin airlift and also was one of the last American military personnel in China before the communist takeover in 1949.

  Soon after, he was in the Korean War, then later in the Vietnam War where he received the Bronze Star.

  After retiring from the Air Force in 1969, he got his teaching certificate and taught history for 20 years at Ferndale High. He was loved by his students and had a big impact on many of their lives. He always made you feel like you were the smartest, most talented or most important person in the world. He retired in 1989.

  As far back as we can remember he delighted in children and there never was a grandfather more proud of his grandkids than Grandpa Max. His own daughters knew that we were the most important thing to him – and he always told us that.

  The nation has lost one more of the Greatest Generation. He will be deeply missed by many.