Sophia Van Zonneveld and Kathleen Dean together are the Rosewood music-making duo. (Courtesy photo)

Rosewood performs Thursday at Jansen

LYNDEN ­— Kathleen Dean admits the new Rosewood duo, herself and Sophia Van Zonneveld, could seem an unlikely musical match.

“She’s 22 and I’m 60! She was a student and mentor for me since forever. But this spring we got together and found out that we knew each other so well we could float some pretty cool harmonies!” says Dean. “Teacher and student becoming friends and partners.”

Good enough to put a name together and go public.

They perform again this Thursday, Aug. 22, starting at 6 p.m., in the ongoing weekly live music venue of the Jansen Art Center’s Piano Lounge, 321 Front St.

Dean teaches music at Lynden Christian Elementary School. Van Zonneveld is a 2015 alum of Lynden Christian High School and graduated also from Providence Christian College in California.

They are just two locals from the home town doing homemade music, if you will. But in their lifetimes, whether long or short, each has been deeply engaged in promoting the arts — by virtue of their own performance or teaching roles — to others in the community.

Reviews of Rosewood speak of “lush harmonies” and “old tunes that every generation loves to hear.” The voices of Dean and Van Zonneveld together “resound a fresh yet nostalgically familiar vibration from the ‘60s and ‘70s.”

This is word-of-mouth endorsement: “They sing like one voice.” “You will definitely want to come out and hear these ladies sing!”