Supports Van Werven

Knowing Luanne Van Werven for many years, there’s one thing I’m sure of — she cares deeply about the people of the 42nd District. She cares about our jobs, health, schools, families, property and businesses. She truly represents our interests.

For Luanne, running for state representative isn’t about power or fame. Rather, she’s running because she’s committed to the well-being of the people in our district. As our representative she has worked hard to protect our First Amendment rights, especially freedom of speech and religious liberty. We need her in Olympia to ensure that the opportunities, quality of life and rights as citizens that we enjoy will be there for our children as well, that they too will experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

She has represented well, and now we need to support her. That’s why I’m voting for Luanne Van Werven on Nov. 6.

— Sally Mickley, Lynden

We need a depression

For what it is worth, I have outlived my expiration date. To be a farmer, one has to be driven and dedicated, and it helps to be ADH to be successful in any business or ag.

Family farms are in peril. Inflation, disease and global supply and demand allow no ability to dictate the price received. In time, corporate farms will be the majority. They then can dictate the price.

Union strikes in any business are a death nail. No one gets richer by unionization. It only raises the price of the product you purchase or causes machinization. Over time the luster is lost. No matter how much you make, it will never be enough.

The only answer is to have a full depression. It will get people off their high horse.

— Darryl Ehlers, Lynden

Supports Buys, Van Werven

Honor, courage and commitment are three traditional values the U.S. Navy instills in the heart of every recruit. They are the key elements of leadership I developed as a naval officer, now retired, and values I look for in those representing me.

This November, I’m voting for the middle class to keep more of its hard-earned money by saying No to a state income tax. I’m voting to protect our Second Amendment rights and all other Constitutional rights. I’m voting for effective and efficient government, a government that works.

Because they continue to serve us with honor, courage and commitment, and because they stand for up for folks like me, I am proudly voting for state Reps. Luanne Van Werven and Vincent Buys when I receive my ballot in the mail.

— Kathy Kershner, Lynden

Criticizing football players

I wish you could come to the healthcare center where my wife of 64 years resides while she battles Alzheimers disease. She can’t communicate verbally, but you can see the love, respect and thankfulness on her face when the national anthem is played or sung.

You could also talk to a 74-year-old victim of Parkinson’s disease, who shakes constantly but she would tell you about the love and pride she feels when Old Glory is raised and we sing “God Bless America.”

Another gentleman of 87 years and confined to a wheelchair could enlighten you as to what it takes to be a real American.

Do you have the guts to face another special lady who also lives her life in a wheelchair, but struggles to her feet in obvious pain when the Star-Spangled Banner is played? She knows deeply what freedom means and what it costs. What kind of inane defense could you give her for your senseless acts?

Maybe you could discuss your shameful, misguided, egotistical reactions to our country with those residents here who have fought for the freedoms you inherited or those that have lost loved ones in defense of that freedom.

If you think you are in a struggle on the football field, you should talk to the residents in a healthcare facility. They are folks who know what a struggle really is. Tell them how disappointed you are with the freedoms that you enjoy and did nothing to earn.

On second thought, stay home. Any healthcare facility where God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans live would not be a safe place for you, or anyone who disrespects our flag, our country and our freedoms. These folks and millions like them have fought to keep us free. And that fact far outweighs your silly, useless attempts to destroy it.

— Don Donahue, Lynden

Supports long-term care payments

Supporting legislation that provides payments to family members for long-term care is a good thing.

Supporting legislation that provides payments to family members for long-term care of their developmentally disabled dependents is an action that all citizens can be proud of.

Providing housing support for homeless and low-income seniors is necessary sometimes and does not necessarily lessen the independence of our most needy citizens. You see, being a fiscal conservative and caring about your constituency are not mutually exclusive.

Vote for Luanne Van Werven, 42nd District state representative, this November.

— Helen Steele, Bellingham

Criticizing Buys

I decided the other day to stop listening to all the opinions about whom I should vote for and decided to consult some facts. So I looked up the voting records of our state representatives.

I’ll start with Vincent Buys. He voted against HB 1506, which would prevent employers from retaliating against employees who discuss their differences in salary (think equal pay for equal work); against HB 2595, automatic voter registration; against HB 2578, a non-discrimination policy regarding source-of-income in housing; against SB 5992, banning bump stocks, which turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic; against HB 2282, establishing a state net neutrality policy; against HB 2200, strengthening the privacy of internet users; against HB1144, amending greenhouse gas emissions targets. His few Yea votes include voting to exempt lawmakers from public records law.

Is this what you want in your legislator? It’s not what I want. I want someone with forward-looking ideas, ideas that will help our state set an example of what a forward-looking state can achieve.

Incidentally, all those Nay votes I’ve mentioned passed the House, so it would appear Rep. Buys is clearly out of touch with the citizens of his district. Please remember that on election day.

— Gary Meader, Everson